Medical equipment, repair and consulting

At Auxo Medical, we don’t take any decision lightly.

In fact, we know that optimizing your performance requires that we carefully examine options from different perspectives. So whether we focus on quality of new or refurbished medical equipment, repair savings, or improved operational cost-efficiency—our eye is always on the smallest details that can affect the level of care provided and your budget. Our consultants pride themselves in helping you plan and develop the most appropriate facility for your changing needs.

And because up-time is as essential as saving time and money, our technicians offer the most responsive service and maintenance—24/7. Nothing is more important than your performance. And we’re proud to support it.

Some of our best-selling medical equipment

Steris Amsco Century Small Series

The Century® Sterilizer meets the needs of today’s O.R. and other areas of the hospital. The Century® features foot pedal operation of the automatic sliding door for hands-free loading and unloading. The vacuum fluorescent tough panel permits direct operator cycle selection. The large display of time remaining during the cycle allows the operator to perform […]
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Steris Amsco 3085 SP Surgical Table

The Amsco® 3085 General Surgical Table is one of the most reliable and popular surgical tables. Recognized as the industry standard due to its sheer versatility and reliability, the Amsco® 3085 has been trusted for years by healthcare facilities across the world. The familiar, easy to use hand controls quickly perform table articulations for any […]
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Steris Reliance 444

The Reliance® 444 Single-Chamber Washer/Disinfector is a mechanical washer equipped with an Eagle® 3000 Stage 3™ control system. It meets the highest standards of cleaning performance and maximum throughput. The Reliance® 444 is a washer that adapts to a wide variety of loads and operations, and will process more than the capacity of an ordinary […]
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GE Healthcare Aestiva/5

At the heart of the Datex-Ohmeda® Aestiva®/5 is the convenience, efficiency, and accuracy of the SmartVent ventilator. Offering both Pressure and Volume modes, the easy-to-use SmartVent™ enables the Aestiva®/5 to ventilate a broad range of patients: neonates, trauma, compromised, and routine cases. The Aestiva®/5’s breathing circuit is integrated to help simplify cable management and improve patient […]
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Midmark 404 Exam Table

The Midmark® 404 Exam Table is an efficient and comfortable exam table designed with the patient and physician in mind. This table has an easily adjustable top for positions from horizontal to 82 degrees, a leg extensions with concealed pan, a removable upholstered top for easy cleaning, lots of storage and infinitely adjustable stirrups. This […]
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